This week at Summer School 2021!

Alhamdulilah we have now come to Day 5, the final day of summer school 2021!!

It has been a tremendous & fun week for all students who have loved attending and taking part in challenges, learning new skills and meeting new friends.

Throughout the week children have leapt through new challenges such as horse riding, Rifle Shooting and Kayaking. The cooking and baking sessions taught children new, delicious and tasty recipes to increase and build their kitchen skills & confidence, as well as producing mouth-watering food.

Our Final day was concluded with a full day outdoor trip to Grip Adventure Water Park.

Students many for the first time enjoyed Kayaking and Canoeing with their peers. The children enjoyed partaking in a few races whilst out on the water which definitely had some fast winners! Later in the afternoon students enjoyed some indoor Archery and Rock climbing.

Our week was concluded back at the masjid with an assembly for the students and gifts for their superb performance this week.

It’s from the blessings of Allah that we have been able to accommodate and facilitate these activities for the children. We hope to continue these beneficial activities for the youth.

Day 4 of Summer School!

Students have all enjoyed & benefitted from adventurous activities, Scrumptious Baking and wonderful sessions they have been taking part in so far this week.

Our older students had an adventuresome afternoon of Air Rifle shooting and team building activities. A range of practical team building activities across an outdoor space. Spider web activity was a favourite today; climbing through a web of ropes with the assistance of your peers without touching the floor.

Arts and Crafts: 

Students have had a joyful art & crafts session, wherein they learnt to decorate, design and make bracelets & personalised key chains.


Today’s cooking activity consisted of students learning and tasting how to make a family favourite, Spring rolls!! A fun way of teaching and nurturing children to learn how to cook and prepare food.

See photos of today’s adventurous & wonderful activities below:

Keep up with further updates on Summer School via our social media & website as the week continues. 

Summer School – Day 3!!

We have now completed Day 3 of Summer School!

A week experience of fun, exciting new activities for children to experience and be entertained with.

Today our younger students ages 5 – 7 have enjoyed learning to bake a Blueberry Loaf Cake! 🍰
They learnt to follow step by step visual instructions with their new friends, experiencing baking as a hobby and preparing to take their wonderful bakes home.

Ages 9 – 11 visited an activity centre, Linnet Clough. They participated in the following Indoor activities; Bouldering & Caving. They all liked the team building activities helping one another to navigate through a maze and scale climbing wall. During their caving activity session they had a task to navigating around a 300ft of cave system built into a bus, a successful challenge accomplished by all the children!

Arts and Crafts: 

Students have had a passionate art & crafts session wherein they designed & decorated trinket boxes with paints and decorations. Older students had a session of decorating and making personalised key chains.


Students learnt to cook and make a flavourful Pasta Dish with their friends.

See photos of today’s well enjoyed activities & adventures below:

  • Gift bag making

  • Gift bag making

  • Horse riding

  • Rock Climbing

  • Rock Climbing

  • Rock Climbing

  • Rock Climbing

  • Key Chain decorating

  • Key Chain decorating

  • Trinket box decorating

  • Cooking

  • Trinket box decorating

  • Trinket box decorating

  • Trinket box decorating

  • Trinket box decorating

  • Trinket box decorating

  • Trinket box decorating

  • Rock Climbing

  • Cooking

  • Baking

  • Baking

  • Rock Climbing

  • Indoor Caving

  • Rock Climbing

  • Rock Climbing

Keep up with further updates on Summer School via our social media & website as the week continues. 

Summer School 2021 – So Far!

We have had a splendid start to our annual Summer School here in Manchester.

Our young and keen students ranging from ages 5 – 14 have joined us to experience a week full of new, fun and creative skills whilst making & meeting new friends.

Our week has kickstarted with a variety of activities ranging from; Baking, Horse-riding, Karate, Cooking, Archery, Martial Arts, Local Park visit and Gardening.

See pictures of our completed activities below.
We will post further updates on our adventures & activities as the week continues!

Summer School 2018 – Day 2!

Alhamdulillaah a fantastic day 2 was had by all students today at our Summer School.

Some of our students spent the morning at a golf driving range, in which they got to practice their golf swing and aim for the many laser measured targets. Whilst the rest of our students visited an indoor play centre and participated in various fun-filled activities.

Our students then returned to the masjid in the afternoon for a fun arts and crafts session!

Summer School 2018 – Day 1!

Assalamu Alaykum 📢📢

☀✨Alhamdulillah the students at our Summer School had an enjoyable day full of activities!

🥅🏐⚽They spent the morning playing Football and Netball!

🍰🎨🖍And the afternoon making cake pops as well as other creative craft projects Alhamdulillah!

‼️ Tomorrow we have another day of exciting activities planned – however please ensure you arrive by *9:45 AM* as we will be leaving for our trip at 10:00 AM *sharp!* ‼️

Jazaakum’Allahu Khairan for all your continued support!

See week 1 timetable below:

Summer School 2018

Announcing the Summer School 2018!

Two Weeks of Learning & Fun! With TRIPS Included!

🖌Activities include knitting, art, pottery, 3D design, gardening, canoeing & much more 🌱🛶

📆 30th July – 9th August

💷Price: £90 for 2 weeks

Suitable for:

  • Girls Age 5-14
  • Boys Age 5-9

🕐 Timings: Monday – Thursday, 9.45am – 3.15pm

Timetable to be released soon in shaa Allaah!

Register Now @ Registration form below:

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Summer School 2017

Announcing the Summer School 2017!

Two Weeks of Learning & Fun! With TRIPS Included!

📆 31st July – 10th Aug


  • Week 1: Monday-Thursday
  • Week 2: Monday-Thursday


Girls Week 1
Girl’s Week 2
Boys Week 1
Boys Week 2


  • £50 per week
  • £90 for full two weeks (if paid altogether)

Register Now @ Form Below:

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Summer School 2016

As-salāmu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātuh


By Allah’s Grace we are able to offer a short Summer School for children aged between 5 and 16.

The format is very similar to the Saturday School. The children will learn the subjects of Islamic Studies, Qur’aan and Arabic. However we want to include one of the following activities in addition to the above subjects:

  • Archery
  • Swimming
  • Horse Riding

These will be carried out in accordance with age and ability and your child will do one of them, not all.



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