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Author: Salafi School

📢 Special Talk 👍 This Weekend At Saturday School!

A reminder to parents that there will be the children’s exam and ceremony this weekend. Parents should accompany their children at 1:30pm.

There will also be a 📢 Special Talk 👍 This Weekend At Saturday School!

We will be joined by Ustadh Rayaan Barker (graduate of Madinah University).

TITLE: “Practising Islam Properly upon the Correct Methodology.”

🕰 1-2pm
🗣 Rayaan Barker
☑️ Live Talk and Broadcast on 📻

The Ceremony will follow on straight after inshaaAllah

Special Guest Speaker at The Saturday School Next Week Saturday 2nd February

We are delighted to announce that we will be joined by our Elder and Teacher – Abu Iyaad Amjad Rafiq at the Saturday School next week in the morning.

We urge and encourage all parents to attend and stay with their children as there will be lots of beneficail areas covered; that would apply to both parents and their children

Protecting The Family and Raising Children

Saturday 2nd of February 2019

  • Start time will be shortly after completion of registration at 10:45 (approximately 11:15).
  • Sisters side will be opened as well.

Broadcast Live on

Reminder! Salafi School resumes tomorrow!

Reminder!! Salafi School resumes tomorrow Saturday 28th April

AsslaamuAlaikum Wa Rahatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,
Salafi School- Term 3 will resume tomorrow 28th April @ 10:45 am until 3:45 pm Inn shaa Allah.
We look forward to welcoming back our students
JazaakumAllaahu Khairan,
Manchester Salafi School

🎈Saturday School Ceremony 🎈 This weekend – Don’t Miss!

Come and join us for the children’s prize 🛍 and certificate📜 day!

👥 All parents should attend and support their children!

👤 Special Guest ✅ from Madinah, Dr Abdulilah Lahmami- will also be in attendance to give an encouragement 👍 to all children.

🍰 Treats For All
🥐 Refreshments available

Starts at 11am prompt

Update❗️ @Salafi_School Girls Club 👍 raises £1500 for the Masjid @TawheedCardiff appeal

Asalaamu alaykum warahmahtullahi wabarakahtu

🎉Alhamdulillah by Allahs permission our young Sisters who attend the Salafi Centre of Manchester’s ‘Girls Youth Club’ were able to host a successful fundraiser last week in order to raise money for their brothers and sisters in Cardiff to purchase Masjid at Tawheed

💷💰MaashaaAllah they were able to raise a total of £1500!

May Allah accept it from them and all those involved and keep them firm and steadfast. Aameen

We pray Allah facilitates the purchase of Masjid at Tawheed- the only Salafi masjid in the whole of Wales!


👍 Trip Tomorrow! To Jump Extreme in Bolton for All Children at School.

Trip Opened to ALL kids who attend the masjid Schools and Clubs.

Alhamdulillah we have completed the Salafi School 2016/17 and by the permission of Allah we have been able to organise a trip and will be taking all the children from the Saturday School to Jump Extreme in Bolton InshaaAllah.

The trip is FREE and a reward for all their efforts and hard work.

Please see the following details.

Date: Sunday 17th September

Sessions: We have three sessions booked and depending on the gender and age of the child they will be allowed to attend at the following times:

Toddlers: Can play in soft area accompanied by parents if SIblings are present.
Girls Aged 9-16:          11am-12pm (sisters allowed in only)
Girls & Boys Age 4-8:  12-1pm (sisters allowed in only)
Boys Aged 9-16:          1pm-2pm (brothers allowed in)

Please stick strictly to these times slots as this will ensure there’s enough space for everyone to attend and have fun.

Travel: Parents are responsible for transport to and from the location. Please ensure you arrive 25 minutes before your child’s session, so your waver can be signed and socks provided.

Clothing: Please ensure your child is wearing loose, sports clothing; and not wearing any jewellery. Trampolining socks will be provided.

Location: Jump Xtreme (Bolton)
Trinity Retail Park

Food: There is food available at the place, and they do not allow you to bring your own. The exercise is strenuous, so please bring some change so the children can purchase water and fruit juice if needed.

Summer School 2017

Announcing the Summer School 2017!

Two Weeks of Learning & Fun! With TRIPS Included!

📆 31st July – 10th Aug


  • Week 1: Monday-Thursday
  • Week 2: Monday-Thursday


Girls Week 1
Girl’s Week 2
Boys Week 1
Boys Week 2


  • £50 per week
  • £90 for full two weeks (if paid altogether)

Register Now @ Form Below:

[vfb id=14]

Appeal 2017 – Help Fund Salafi School & New Fence Project!


Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

We pray this message finds you well.

Alhamdulillaah the Salafi Centre of Manchester have launched their Ramadhaan Appeal, which focuses on raising money to support its various projects such as the Salafi School. They are also raising money for a much needed security perimeter fence!

The fence around the masjid, will allow for a better environment, more security for attendees, better and safer grounds and for children to be and play in, especially in the current climate. This will also help us add in a small play area for the children, which will enable us to plan outdoor activities for our students that attend the the Saturday madrassah and evening Qur’an School.

The benefits of this project are vast and we cannot emphasise enough how much it will aid us here at Salafi School, as well as providing us with the extra security for our students.

We urge all our parents, students and all our brothers and sisters in the UK and beyond to donate today, and help us build the fence and support the work the work that we do here at Manchester Salafi School

Even if you are able to give only something very little in charity, do not look down upon that. Indeed, Allah saves people from the hellfire by giving in charity even if it is half of a date seed.

Please donate today and may Allah reward you all! JazaakumAllaahu khairan.

Please find donation details below or visit for further details.

Donate easilly via bank:


Account Name: Dar Ul Hadith

Sort Code: 309542

Account Number: 05570092

Bank Name: Lloyds


IBAN NUMBER: GB19 LOYD 3095 4205 5700 92
Click here:

Or Send to


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