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This week at Summer School 2021!

Alhamdulilah we have now come to Day 5, the final day of summer school 2021!!

It has been a tremendous & fun week for all students who have loved attending and taking part in challenges, learning new skills and meeting new friends.

Throughout the week children have leapt through new challenges such as horse riding, Rifle Shooting and Kayaking. The cooking and baking sessions taught children new, delicious and tasty recipes to increase and build their kitchen skills & confidence, as well as producing mouth-watering food.

Our Final day was concluded with a full day outdoor trip to Grip Adventure Water Park.

Students many for the first time enjoyed Kayaking and Canoeing with their peers. The children enjoyed partaking in a few races whilst out on the water which definitely had some fast winners! Later in the afternoon students enjoyed some indoor Archery and Rock climbing.

Our week was concluded back at the masjid with an assembly for the students and gifts for their superb performance this week.

It’s from the blessings of Allah that we have been able to accommodate and facilitate these activities for the children. We hope to continue these beneficial activities for the youth.

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