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Day 4 of Summer School!

Students have all enjoyed & benefitted from adventurous activities, Scrumptious Baking and wonderful sessions they have been taking part in so far this week.

Our older students had an adventuresome afternoon of Air Rifle shooting and team building activities. A range of practical team building activities across an outdoor space. Spider web activity was a favourite today; climbing through a web of ropes with the assistance of your peers without touching the floor.

Arts and Crafts: 

Students have had a joyful art & crafts session, wherein they learnt to decorate, design and make bracelets & personalised key chains.


Today’s cooking activity consisted of students learning and tasting how to make a family favourite, Spring rolls!! A fun way of teaching and nurturing children to learn how to cook and prepare food.

See photos of today’s adventurous & wonderful activities below:

Keep up with further updates on Summer School via our social media & website as the week continues. 

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