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Children’s Online Ramadhaan Course

Alhamdullilah Salafi Centre Online launched the kids Ramadhan course this year which ran over 3 weeks during Ramadhan.

They covered a range of different topics taught in an interactive way using exciting visual presentations, quizzes, and even a chance to work on some crafts/models at home with the family.

Students were provided a Ramadhan workbook to work through which included important topics all about Ramadhan.
Topics discussed included, how to prepare for Ramadhan, reminders & encouragement to perform good actions, virtues of Ramadhan, My Ramadhan Goals, and much more.

Workbook activities such as Word Search and Crosswords were used to help in vocabulary building and students’ reasoning skills. Puzzles were used to identify and understand important key terms used within topics covered.

Different learning styles were taken into consideration when compiling the course materials and for the delivery of lessons, for example, a step-by-step reasoning approach was taken to benefit from the sequential steps of completing a crossword which helped auditory learners. Kinaesthetic learners were able to enjoy multi-task strategies required to solve the puzzles so these activities were beneficial to all learning types.

Instructional activities were also included which children completed themselves and with the family at home.

The course was designed for the children in order to teach them about the importance of Ramadhan with the focus on making them feel productive, engaged, and excited while learning about Islam.

Take a look at the course highlights that we have posted below!







Asalamu Alaykum Wa’Rahmatullahi Wa’Barakatuhu,

We hope you’re all in the best of Eeman and Health,

Alhamdulilah we have been successfully running our Saturday School for 7 years now at the masjid, educating our children upon the Sunnah. Now we’re expanding our ONLINE classes, As well as our Tuesday & Friday Online Qur’an School, we are now offering Full Islamic Studies classes for all children every weekend.

Topics covered will range from the basics of Islam, belief, methodology, through to seerah and fiqh.

  • Weekend Classes
  • Ages 5 – 16
  • Full Saturday School syllabus
  • Via Skype


Limited Spaces Sign up Below:

Please watch out for regular updates via our Social Media Twitter; (@salafi_school) Facebook; (@salafischool) Instagram; (@salafischool) or join us on our telegram channel (

We know about the story of Prophet Aadam Alaihisalaam!

Our wonderful class 5-6 have been learning all about the Prophet Aadam Alaihisalaam! In class, the children listened carefully to the story of when Aadam Alaihisalaam was created. Aadam Alaihisalaam was the first ever man created by Allah’s hands (yes, Allah has hands but not like ours). Allah created him from soil collected from all over the earth. He was sixty cubits tall and he was created on a Friday. Aadam Alaihisalaam was a Prophet of Allah.

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The Battle Of Uhud – An exciting way to End the Half- Term!

Throughout the Half-term our 6-7 Class have been learning about the importance of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alayhi Wa’Sallam’s life, the Migration and the Battles which took place after the Migration.  Today, the final lesson of the half-term concluded with the Battle of Uhud. The students learnt that the battle occurred in the 3rd Year after Hijrah, and just one year after the Battle of Badr. During this battle, the Prophet and his Companions were betrayed by the hypocrites – people who pretended to believe in Islaam. 300 of them abandoned the Prophet, and left the Prophet with only 700 Muslims against 3000 non-Muslims.

One of the most important lessons the students learnt from the Battle of Uhud was the importance of obeying Allah and His Messenger (Sallalahu Alayhi Wa’Sallam). The Prophet told a group of archers not to leave their positions no matter what happened on the battlefield. These Muslims disobeyed the Messenger, and left their positions. As a result of their disobedience, 70 Muslims lost their lives, and the Prophet was seriously injured. From this we learn that we must follow the Prophet and his Sunnah in order to be successful, and that disobeying the Sunnah is disobeying the Prophet and brings bad consequences for both this life and the next.

The students used a map of Uhud and role play to understand the battle, and role-play to understand the effects of the disobedience of the archers. It was an insightful and educational activity, enjoyed by the class!

We hope our students enjoy their Half-Term Break. We look forward to their return on the 29th of February 2020 insha’Allah where they will be learning about the Conquest of Makkah!

Class 1B have been learning about ‘Uthmaan The Third Caliph of the Muslims – The Leader of the Believers

This term during Islamic Studies, our students have been learning about the lives, virtues and achievements of each Khalifah. In Week 5, they have learnt about  U’thmaan May Allah be pleased with him -his life as the Third Khaleefah. The students learnt about how ‘Uthmaan got chosen to be The Khaleefah, his achievements and character. The class listened and went through a power point presentation showing that ‘Uthmaan was one of the earliest Muslims to accept Islam.

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Islamic Studies- Ages 8-9 Have Been Learning About The Lives Of The Sahaabahs

This new half term , Class 1B ages 8-9 have been learning all about the lives of the Sahaabahs. It is very important for our students to know the correct attitude of a Muslim towards the Sahaabahs may Allah be pleased with them because speaking about the Sahaabahs is in reality speaking about our religion. Because firstly, our religion didn’t reach us except by way of the Sahaabahs who memorized what they heard and saw from the prophet and taught that to the people after with great trust. They were very precise in what they taught and they didn’t teach anything but what the Prophet peace be upon him taught them. Secondly, because they are mentioned in the Qur’aan and the Sunnah and when we learn our religion we also learn about them.

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Saturday school Review and Ceremony Day Tomorrow!

The Saturday School will having their end of term Review and Ceremony day tomorrow!. The school will start at the normal time of 10:40am, so all upper years are able to review their assessments. The ceremony will take place at 1:30 pm where parents are invited to celebrate their children’s success and watch them receive their certificates and prizes. We hope you have a lovely break, and look forward to seeing you back on the 11th January 2020.

Saturday School Assessment Day!

This Saturday 14th Decembert, will be the Assessment day for all upper years classes In Sha’Allah. The assessments will be from 11:00am to 2:30 pm. It is essential that students arrive on time  Please note that the school will close at 2:30 pm tomorrow. These assessments do not affect your child’s progression, but are simply an opportunity to assess whether key concepts have been understood.


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