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Class 1B have been learning about ‘Uthmaan The Third Caliph of the Muslims – The Leader of the Believers

This term during Islamic Studies, our students have been learning about the lives, virtues and achievements of each Khalifah. In Week 5, they have learnt about  U’thmaan May Allah be pleased with him -his life as the Third Khaleefah. The students learnt about how ‘Uthmaan got chosen to be The Khaleefah, his achievements and character. The class listened and went through a power point presentation showing that ‘Uthmaan was one of the earliest Muslims to accept Islam.

Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq called him to Islam and he responded straight away. His Islam was based on certainty and firm belief that left no room for doubt and he understood the call of Islam that only Allah should be worshipped alone and that nothing else besides him should be worshipped. He understood Tawheed. They learnt that he was content, forgiving, compassionate and generous, helping the weak and oppressed. He called others to Islam in a friendly and patient manner. He proposed to the Prophet to marry his daughter Ruqayyah and he married her to him. ‘Uthmaan was from those who underwent trials, torture and persecution at the hands of Quraysh. The Students then went on to fill in the profile worksheets in order to remember facts that they have learnt during class. They look forward to completing the lives of the Sahabaah over the next few weeks.

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