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Islamic Studies- Ages 8-9 Have Been Learning About The Lives Of The Sahaabahs

This new half term , Class 1B ages 8-9 have been learning all about the lives of the Sahaabahs. It is very important for our students to know the correct attitude of a Muslim towards the Sahaabahs may Allah be pleased with them because speaking about the Sahaabahs is in reality speaking about our religion. Because firstly, our religion didn’t reach us except by way of the Sahaabahs who memorized what they heard and saw from the prophet and taught that to the people after with great trust. They were very precise in what they taught and they didn’t teach anything but what the Prophet peace be upon him taught them. Secondly, because they are mentioned in the Qur’aan and the Sunnah and when we learn our religion we also learn about them.

Our students learned about the Companions in Makkah and the residents of Al- Madinah who helped and gave aid to the Muhajirun and the Prophet peace be upon him when they migrated to them. They then went on to look at presentations of maps to see where they had migrated to. Students showed a great interest and had a discussion of how they lived their lives.. followed by filling in activities in their workbooks.

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