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22nd June School FunDay Photo Gallery & Archive – Click to See:

Asalaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

We’ve posted up pictures of our last fun day for everyone to see.

Jazaakumallahukhair to all who helped and to all who came.

May Allah grant us Success!

Curry & Rice Made for the day
Shootout! Basketball Shots
Pre preparation 3
Food Tickets
Map of Women’s Area
Setup the day before…
Marquees and Tents for activities
… and more brownies
Hand made cards to sell on the crafts stall
A wonderful selection of cupcakes
Painted Canvases for Sale
Henna Tent
Pre preparation 2
Bouncy Castle
Hand Painted by one of the Children to sell
The BIG Competition!
More treats at the food stall
Salad Platters
Foodstall price list
Gazebo Delivery
Archery Stall was one of the busiest on the day
Blueberry Muffins
Hand made cards to sell on the crafts stall
Our posters & Leaflets
Hand made cards to sell on the crafts stall
Abaya Stall
Stall SIgns
Evidence of hardwork by the brothers setting up evening before
Hand made & Painted Canvases for Sale
Competition Charts
Brownies & Cakes prepared to sell
Sweet Rice
Home made Prepared Currys
Welcome Banner
Supplies donated
Preparation Cleaning & Setting Up
Entrance was being constructed
Welcome Banner up and Ready
Archery Stall set for competitions and activities
Men’s Activity
The famous Splat the Rat Competition
Pre preparation
Mini Games
Men’s Schedule

Our Clubs

Come and join one of our clubs. We offer a multitude of activities based around sports, the sunnah, and acquiring new skills.


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