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Author: Jazeena Yonama

Term 2 So Far at Girls’ Club..

The girls have come back this term to some more new recipes!

Chicken keema kebabs – which they made into burgers🍔

Fried doughnuts, coated in cinnamon and sugar🍩

The girls have also been making impressive roses in arts and crafts mashaAllah🌹

Another Fun Day at Girls’ Club!

This week, the girls completed their bracelets during arts & crafts mashaAllah 🌸

They also made some tasty cheesy chicken pasta bake!🍝

We ended the session with a mini sports competition, which they thoroughly enjoyed alhamdulilah ⚽️

This Week at Girls’ Club!

Another fun day at Girls Club alhamdulilah,

The girls made some bracelets in arts and crafts, and cooked up some tasty chana chaat! 🥣

We ended the day with some sports activities⚽️ 🏀

First Week Back at Girls’ Club!

Alhamdulilah Girls’ Club is back!

This week we made some chicken skewers and peri fries 🍢 🍟

The girls made some lovely arts and crafts and we ended with some fun sports and games!

Join us next week for some more cooking, arts, crafts and sports – we hope to see you there in shaa Allah!




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