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Update❗️ @Salafi_School Girls Club 👍 raises £1500 for the Masjid @TawheedCardiff appeal

Asalaamu alaykum warahmahtullahi wabarakahtu

🎉Alhamdulillah by Allahs permission our young Sisters who attend the Salafi Centre of Manchester’s ‘Girls Youth Club’ were able to host a successful fundraiser last week in order to raise money for their brothers and sisters in Cardiff to purchase Masjid at Tawheed

💷💰MaashaaAllah they were able to raise a total of £1500!

May Allah accept it from them and all those involved and keep them firm and steadfast. Aameen

We pray Allah facilitates the purchase of Masjid at Tawheed- the only Salafi masjid in the whole of Wales!


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