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**Important Update** – URGENT! Building Found and Funds Needed as Soon as Possible

We found out today that the building we were going to take for the school isn’t up for rent but there is a good chance for us to buy it. The building is in the Crumpsall and Cheetham Hill area, approximately 3 mins from the masjid and has planning permission (d1) for a school and nursery.

After consultation amongst the brothers on the shurah and the school committee, and also after losing out on a previous building, then we have concluded that it is a must that we go for this building.

We need to raise the money for it… The total is £560,000 for the building, and approximately £40,000 for work on it – totalling £600,000.

Although this isn’t a small amount it is relatively cheap in comparison to other buildings for £700,000, that don’t have the appropriate planning, and quality location.

Then brothers & sisters, we need to get into gear and raise this money. We have approximately 3 months to do so.

This is something that affects everyone of us in one way or another. Some of us have children and others not. So anyone of us who has children, is expecting children, has nieces or nephews or knows know others with children kids, will all be affected in a positive way insha’Allah by having a school.

It will also open up the doors for many brothers and sisters to work in a good, enjoyable, rewarding and halaal environment and to build the community as a whole upon the with good tarbiyyah upon the correct Islamic Aqeedah.

If you can donate, then please do. Any amount will do. Anything will be highly appreciated and insha’Allah the reward will be multiplied due to all the children which will benefit from your donation.

If you can loan anything, then contact the brothers Abu A’isha Amjad Khan (Manchester) or Abu Ameerah Kashif Zulfiqar (Ashton); and for sisters please contact the deputy head Lola Fasan. We will agree a repayment term and time and work our hardest to repay it.

Please loan any amount £10, £100, £1000, £10,000… You will be rewarded by Allah even for a loan and inshallah that will also be multiplied. And then you will also get your money back.

We can’t stress the importance and urgency of this to the community here in Manchester. For a community established for more than ten years, the school has been sorely missed. And we see the effects in our area on some of the children who grew up without this facility, and Allah’s aid is sought.

So once again, brothers and sisters, then for the sake of Allah and his pleasure, then please work as hard as you can to raise this money. Speak to your friends, family, the general Muslims and convince them of the importance of a Muslim School upon the Qur’an and Sunnah.

All donation details here

Let’s make it happen bi’idhnillah! And with Allah is the tawfeeq and to him is the final return.

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