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School Rules – New conditions for pupils.

As-salāmu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātuh.

I pray you are all well and strong in emaan.

The school has made some changes, and wishes to remind parents of some of the rules, as well as introducing a few more to enable us to work better.


All students must wear Islamic clothing as part of the school uniform. The school reserves the right to send a child home for not wearing the correct clothing. Suitable clothing is detailed below:

  • No clothing/bags with images of living beings e.g. pictures of people or animals. This is something not permissible in Islaam (as all the children have learnt) and we will not allow them in the school/masjid.
  • Boys: Thobe or long kameez. Trousers or Kameez must not go below the ankle as is in accordance with the sunnah.
  • Girls: Hijaab and Abaaya.

This is obligatory and is effective immediately.

Report Card

In order to make the learning environment even more stable, then we have introduced a report card for students. This won’t affect the majority of students.

If a student continually misbehaves then they will be put on report for a specified time. There will be specific targets to meet. If these targets are not met then the student may be expelled from the school for the remainder of the term. Enrolment for future terms may be considered.


Children being absent, disrupts the flow of the class for the teachers and interferes with their lesson plans. Time may have to be spent catching up on work missed hence slowing the class down.

So we have decided that if a student is regularly absent without a valid reason (such as sickness, etc) then this will result in the student being suspended from school, for the remainder of the term. The student will also not be allowed to take part in the final exam, missing out on prizes and/or the school trip. Enrolment for future terms may also be considered.

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