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Announcements for Parents & Term Overview

A very important note for all parents.

Insha’Allah we will be resuming this Saturday the 6th April.

Start & End times

Please ensure you arrive at the school no later than 10:30am. The doors will be locked at 10:45am.

Please be at the school to collect your child/children at 3:45 and no later than 3:50pm.


The fees are as follows:

  • £10 per week for the first child.
  • £7 per week for the each child thereafter.

This can be paid weekly or monthly (in advance), by cash on the day at the entrances or direct debit (please ask for details).


We request that all existing students bring all of their books & blue bag into the school this Saturday. This is very important, as we will be arranging the books, and giving them new additional books, and we want to make certain that everyone has a book.

Generally however during each semester, the students will require notebooks, four exercise books to cover the three subjects being taught and other stationary. This will be provided by the school at:

  • A one off cost of £5 per child at the beginning of the term.

Please note that they will need to keep these books for the full term, at least. Your child will receive the majority but not all of the books in this list below:

  • · A Homework Diary
  • · Mels Arabic Writing Book
  • · Goodward Arabic Writing Book
  • · Qaidah
  • · Learn How to read Arabic the Quick Way
  • · Salafi School Islamic Studies Workbook
  • · Salafi School Arabic Workbook
  • · Salafi School Hadith Book
  • · Salafi School Arabic Workbook – Under 6
  • · Dua Colouring Book – Under 6

Your child may also receive the following:

  • · Hadith Audio CD (20 hadith which the children memorise and learn)
  • · Qur’an Juz 30 CD

General Outline of how things work

Over 6’s Class:

The children will be studying Arabic, Quran & Islamic Studies, in three separate slots with individual teachers.

Under 6 Class:

The first day will be an assessment to see if your child will be able to cope with a full days study. Please do not be offended if we advise you that your child is not ready for the school. If this is the case we will reserve your child’s place for the following semester. If your child/children require assistance visiting the toilet please let us know. The children will be studying Arabic, Quran & Islamic Studies which will be a simplified version of the current curriculum.


Please ensure your child is supplied with a pack lunch with no sugary foods present i.e. chocolates, fizzy drinks etc.


All children will be getting homework diaries this term. As they are only with us one day a week, we can only do so much, and rely on their parents and guardians to ensure that during the week they spend at least half an hour revising, learning, or doing their homework.

Please can you ensure that if your child/children are given any homework that you set aside sometime in the week to go over it with them. They will have a homework diary and it will now count towards their final mark for achievement, certificates & prizes.


We really want the children to benefit as much as possible. What we found was a few children were inconsistent with their attendance last term and this made it harder for them to gain maximum benefit, as well as disrupted the teachers’ lesson plans (as they would have to spend time revising). Therefore we have decided also to integrate their attendance the child’s overall mark. That mark will now also count towards their final mark, for achievement and prizes, etc


We usually contact parents in one of three ways. However it is important that you stay on top of developments, as we have many announcements, and changes may occur during the term due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • All of our updates will go on
  • If you have twitter then you can follow us @salafi_school
  • Emails will be sent form this email address: – please add to your address book.
  • Your number will be added to our text list, the number is: 07857117422. Please note calls will not be answered on this number.
  • The number to phone the school is: 0161 317 1481. Please leave a message if someone doesn’t answer.

If you change your number then please inform us.

Please note the school is not being run for a profit and all proceeds will be reinvested into the school/masjid.

We are here to help, and if you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us.

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