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👍 Trip Tomorrow! To Jump Extreme in Bolton for All Children at School.

Trip Opened to ALL kids who attend the masjid Schools and Clubs.

Alhamdulillah we have completed the Salafi School 2016/17 and by the permission of Allah we have been able to organise a trip and will be taking all the children from the Saturday School to Jump Extreme in Bolton InshaaAllah.

The trip is FREE and a reward for all their efforts and hard work.

Please see the following details.

Date: Sunday 17th September

Sessions: We have three sessions booked and depending on the gender and age of the child they will be allowed to attend at the following times:

Toddlers: Can play in soft area accompanied by parents if SIblings are present.
Girls Aged 9-16:          11am-12pm (sisters allowed in only)
Girls & Boys Age 4-8:  12-1pm (sisters allowed in only)
Boys Aged 9-16:          1pm-2pm (brothers allowed in)

Please stick strictly to these times slots as this will ensure there’s enough space for everyone to attend and have fun.

Travel: Parents are responsible for transport to and from the location. Please ensure you arrive 25 minutes before your child’s session, so your waver can be signed and socks provided.

Clothing: Please ensure your child is wearing loose, sports clothing; and not wearing any jewellery. Trampolining socks will be provided.

Location: Jump Xtreme (Bolton)
Trinity Retail Park

Food: There is food available at the place, and they do not allow you to bring your own. The exercise is strenuous, so please bring some change so the children can purchase water and fruit juice if needed.

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