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Reminder to all parents! School resumes this weekend! Be there NICE & EARLY…

Asalaamu Alaykum wa Rahmahtullahi wa Barakahtu

Saturday School will be resuming on Saturday 12th September

The first day will be a chance for the students to get their exams back and go through it.  The school day will begin at the normal time of 10:30am but will end early at 2pm after which parents are encouraged to join us for our certificates and prizes ceremony.

Please note that the certificates and prizes ceremony will take place after the children have been handed back their exams. It will begin after we have prayed salatul dhuhr at 2pm.  This will be an opportunity for us to give certificates to the children, including prizes for the top 3 achievers in each year group, and some snacks insha’Allah.  It will end at approximately 3.15pm.

We request ALL the parents to come to join their children at 2pm on that day and celebrate their child/children’s success with us.

Was-salāmu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātuh

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