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Young Learners Class 6-7 Enjoy Their Conversation In Arabic!

This week our young learners have had a wonderful Arabic Lesson! They have been encouraged to have conversations in Arabic with their teachers and class friends. The subject of teaching Arabic language is often raised in bilingual families however we would like to encourage our parents to stay persistent

It’s difficult at the beginning. Persist! Learning Arabic for a child can be a long and tough mission that requires a lot of patience, motivation and perseverance when living far from Arabic-speaking countries. You must be aware of this so you do not give up too early.

Read stories in Arabic 

Start reading Arabic stories to your children and make it a daily habit. Reading is essential for the development of the child’s language. You can start reading story books and very small stories in Arabic to your child from an early age, and little by little, increase the richness of your sentences, enjoy reading more and more stories from different styles.

Have fun with your child

It’s up to you to use your imagination: you can simplify the sentences, explain the words, translate the texts into dialect, or even  look at audio books or cartoons to enhance their learning.

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